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The Muscogee (Creek) Nation Reintegration Program Case Determination & Eligibility:

Hvmken: The Applicant or Family must contact RiP for services.

Hokkolen: The Applicant must complete an Intake Assessment Packet.

Tuccenen: Based on information from your Intake Assessment, RiP will determine eligibility for Reintegration Services.

Osten: RiP staff will evaluate and prioritize your needs for your release.

Cahkepan: We will develop a “RAP” plan ( Reintegration Aftercare Plan) customizing it to your special needs and interests.

Epaken: RiP will assist you in implementing your RAP with our resources, referrals, and services.

Kolvpaken: RiP will provide continued support on the condition that client responsibilities and RiP guidelines are met.