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MCN Reintegration Program



The mission of the Reintegration Department is to protect the public by offering quality re-entry services to Mvskoke Citizens and re-invest positive citizens back into our communities



• Encourages a high degree of understanding, cooperation, efficiency, accountability and unity through an application of offender wraparound re-entry practices with cultural focus

• Provide information affecting re-entry and transition to tribal, state, federal, and community stakeholders.  To cultivate an awareness for the need of re-entry services.

• Promote positive re-entry conditions that shall support the practice of individual responsibility with the Muscogee (Creek) Nation Community.

• Foster a celebration of success for citizens and their contribution toward a renewal of family and spiritual growth, thereby, celebrating their accomplishments.

• Empower clients to facilitate their tradition through an environment of positive change.


Belief Statements

We believe every Citizen – even an ex-prisoner is important

We believe everybody – is capable of change

We believe that investments in our people are investments in the Nation’s strength and sovereignty.



  • Oklahoma has been the number one state for incarceration of women for 18 years.
  • Oklahoma is ranked the third leading state for incarceration of men.
  • Each year more than 600,000 inmates are released from Federal and State prisons and return to their families and communities
  • 95%of the 2.1 million prison inmates now in prison will be released
  • Without intervention, over two-thirds of returning inmates will be re-arrested within three years of release from prison and two out of five will be re-incarcerated
  • An unemployed ex-offender is three times more likely to return to prison than an employed ex-offender
  • Cost to community two fold– cost of prosecution/incarceration & opportunity cost of not having offenders as productive citizens